The Yoga 900 Adapter is stupid! You cannot connect it easily into an airplane AC jack or in the airport terminal jack without hogging the adjacent jack.

yoga adapter in the port

The laptop itself is okay. Its fast and cool and is Ubuntu Linux friendly. Keyboard sucks so I use a Microsoft Keyboard when I have lots of typing to do.

But this post is about how to make the Yoga 900 adapter travel friendly.

Purchase a short power extension cord extension code

Its not the best hack, but it works for me.

Also there is no car charging kit for this laptop. Boo!! The Lenovo X1 had one...

Definitely not buying a Lenovo Ultrabook again. Will look at another brand and will consider the following

  • Is there a car charging kit?
  • Does the power supply travel work nicely in airports?
  • How hot does the laptop gets when running several Vagrant instances?