In part 1, I discuss the basic Ansible module structure and what I like to unit test in Ansible modules.

In part 2, I went over the actual test cases in a sample module and discussed some of the mocking techniques to use with python-mock

Ansible modules has a quirk had a quirk where modules required to not have a suffix.

Looks like in 1.8.0 and higher, you can name python modules with the .py suffix. Makes testing modules easier now.

This is the tree structure of the module directory

Do not forget the empty in the library folder. otherwise the tests will fail.

├── ansible.cfg
├── library
│   ├──
│   └──
└── tests

In this directory, I run nosetests to execute the tests.

$ nosetests -v
prefix_check - test module arguments ... ok
prefix_check - test_main_exit_functionality - success ... ok
prefix_check - test_main_exit_functionality - failure ... ok
prefix_check - test action when prefix is found ... ok
prefix_check - test action when prefix not found. timeout occurs ... ok
prefix_check - test ip route show execution ... ok

Ran 6 tests in 0.021s


The code is all available on my Github blog site