Came across an interesting problem discussed on stackoverflow The person wants to do something like named routes in RubyOnRails

Was unable to provide an answer for the question, but was able to solve a subset of the problem. This solution meets the current problem I face.

That is, how does one determine if the Express route executes the correct view template.

The majority of my code is JSON API calls, so just using the supertest API is sufficient, in most cases.

There are a few app.render() calls made in the project. I use Jade templates to render the main HTML pages and so this solution works for now.


exports.index = function(req, res) {
  return res.render('index');


var mainController, routes;

mainController = require('../controllers/main');

routes = function(app) {
  return app.get('/', mainController.index);

module.exports = routes;


var app, expect, request, sinon;

request = require('supertest');

app = require('../../app');

expect = require('chai').expect;

sinon = require('sinon');

describe('GET index', function() {
  before(function() {
    return this.spy = sinon.spy(app, 'render');
  after(function() {
    return this.spy.restore();
  it('should exist', function() {
    return request(app).get('/').expect(200);
  return it('should render the "index" view', function() {
    return expect(this.spy.getCall(0).args[0])'index');


$ npm test

  GET index
    ✓ should exist
    ✓ should render the "index" view

  2 passing (326ms)