At work we have Chromecast setup in all conference rooms. Chromecast for Linux does not cast the whole screen, just to a Chrome browser tab. How do I show my terminal during a presentation?


Install butterfly, a python based terminal emulation program.

Install it via pip install butterfly and follow the instructions on the website

Upstart script for Ubuntu 14.04

Butterfly provides a systemd startup script, which will be great for Jessie and other distros running systemd. Unfortunately 14.04 still uses Upstart. Here is the /etc/init/butterfly.conf startup script I use

# Butterfly - Python Web Terminal Emulator

description     "Web Terminal Emulator"

stop on runlevel [016]

exec  /usr/local/bin/

I am experimenting with using tmux in this terminal emulator browser tab and then only have 1 window open on my laptop to do web searches and write code. Let us see how that goes.