1. rm -rf ./
    I wanted to delete all the contents in the current directory. I forgot the "." and guess what happened? Thank goodness I have a restore pc Ansible playbook

  2. Edit files monitored by Guard in a VM from the host PC
    I recently started using Vagrant. I thought it would be cool to change the files found in the /vagrant directory on the VM, from the host PC but run Guard on the VM. Of cause, when I saved a file, nothing happened. Why? After some time, I realized Guard depends on Linux Inotify. So, the host never sees these events. Therefore, Guard never does anything when I change the file it should be "watching".

  3. git reset --hard when I had important work I had not stashed
    On this day, I truly was not thinking. I lost a lot of time and was very frustrated regenerating the "important work". I now remember - git stash is your friend!