I could not figure out what the correct term for these types of parameters are. These are parameters or attributes that must be defined together. For example, defining an IP address on a router. If you specify an IP one must also include the subnet mask.

Today's Fun Fact:
In Linux, specifying the IP address only sets the subnet mask to all Fs(/32)

In a puppet custom type, how you say, these 2 parameters are "required together" ? I will use the IP address and subnet mask example

require 'set'
Puppet::Type.newtype(:ip_host_info) do
  desc 'describe basic ip host info'
  newparam(:ip) do
    desc 'ip address'

  newparam(:mask) do
    desc 'subnet mask'

  validate do

    if self[:ip].nil?
      fail Puppet::Error, 'ip address must be configured'

    # array of true values returns a set of only 1 true value
    # if length is 2 it means that not all elements return true
    # or not all elements return false
    myset = [self[:ip].nil?, self[:mask].nil?].is_set
    if myset.length > 1
      fail Puppet::Error, 'subnet mask and ip are required together'

In an Ansible module it would look like this

def main():
  module = AnsibleModule(
      ip=dict(required=True, type='str'),
    required_together=[['ip', 'mask']]