Have a need for tiny VMs for my Vagrant environment to simulate devices I do not care about. For example: printers.

TinyCore Linux comes in really handy. It has a very small footprint - 256MB Disk , 64MB RAM.

This is the Vagrant Libvirt Box build process for Tiny Core Linux.

Remaster TinyCore Linux ISO

The stock Tiny Core Linux ISO does not have SSH enabled or a user that the Packer can use to build the Vagrant Box. Github User BugRoger provides an elegant solution to solve this.

The linuxsimba fork of this repo changes the username from packer to vagrant. It adds Tiny Core Linux apps like iproute2 and other useful things for my vagrant simulations. The new ISO is called tinycore-vagrant.iso

sudo apt-get install squashfs-tools advancecomp

git clone https://https://github.com/linuxsimba/tinycorelinux-packer-image

cd tinycorelinux-packer-image

sudo ./remaster.sh

ls tinycore*

Build the Vagrant Box using Packer

assumes you have Packer already installed

The Vagrant Box configures persistent storage for TC apps installed (.tcz) and home directories for the tc & vagrant users.

git clone https://github.com/linuxsimba/packer-libvirt-profiles

cd packer-libvirt-profiles

cp ../tinycorelinux-packer-images/tinycore-vagrant.iso .

md5sum tinycore-vagrant.iso

echo '{"mirror_directory": "./", "iso_checksum": "584e00138eea9938d13a8156ab21355a", "iso_checksum_type": "md5"}' > vars.json

packer build -var-file vars.json tinycore-7.0.json

vagrant box add builds/tinycore-7.0.libvirt.box --name tc

If you want to use it in your Vagrantfile without customizing the build, point the box.url to linuxsimba.com libvirt box repo.

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