First encountered Openstack Heat about 1 year ago when performing some testing datacenter modeling using an Openstack environment.

The first goal was to figure out how to create enough VMs to understand how Openstack networking works in a multi Tenant/Project environment.

The topology

basic switch/server topology

Heat Resource File - create tenant users

First Openstack Heat resource file describes how to add a tenant user. Use an Openstack admin user to do this.

400: Invalid request

Heat Resource File - create networks and server

This Heat resource file is required to be run as the tenant user created in the previous part.

400: Invalid request

Heat Parameter File - create networks and server

This Heat parameters file defines an overlapping IP network. Floating IPs are defined uniquely in the heat stack-create script.

400: Invalid request

Putting it all together

Run the heat resource and parameter files that create the tenant.

Because the new project/tenant user is going to be running Heat, the user must be a member of the heat_admin role. Otherwise running heat stack-create as the user demoadmin will fail.

$ cat keystonerc_admin

$ source keystronerc_admin
(keystonerc_admin)$ heat stack-create -f create_tenant_project_and_user.yml \
-P demo_project_name=demo_project1  \
-P demo_user_role=heat_admin \
-P demo_project_user=demoadmin \
-P demo_project_user_passwd=1luvopenstack \

Login as the newly tenant user

The server resource definitions do not define what tenant you want to add the servers to. So it seems like you are forced to login as the newly created tenant user before creating the servers

First check that there is keystonerc file for the new project/tenant use created. If not, create one.

$ cat keystonerc_demo_user
export OS_USERNAME=demoadmin
export OS_PASSWORD=1luvopenstack
export PS1='[\u@\h \W(keystone_demo)]\$ '
export OS_AUTH_URL=
export OS_TENANT_NAME=demo_project1

Then use the source bash keyword to logint as the newly created project/tenant user.

$ source keystonerc_demo_user

Run the Heat script as the newly created tenant user

$(keystonerc_demo_user)$ heat stack-create -e tenant_network_server_params.yaml
-f openstack_heat_create_network_server.yaml \

Problems yet to solve

Not sure how to view both heat stacks as a single user in Openstack. First assumed that the admin user can view all the networks via the Horizon Dashboard. I was suprised to see this is not so. Hopefully in future releases, a Os::Nova::Server resource can be tied to a tenant_id. If that is so, then only one heat stack is required.